Call for Contribution

Call for Critical Writings
Theme: Old and Middle English Literature: Resuscitating Interest in English Literary Beginnings

To be Guest-edited by

Dr. Santanu Ganguly, Netaji Nagar Day College, Kolkata

 Critical writings are invited from teachers, research scholars and students pursuing B.A/M.A in English in any part of the world for the Volume 2, Number 1 of The Golden Line: A Magazine on English Literature (


Topics may include but are not limited to:


  • Anglo-Saxon : Cultural Beginnings
  • Heroism in Old English Literature
  • Melancholy in Old English literature.
  • Heroism-Melancholy Interface.
  • Old English Liturgical Literature.
  • Old English Prose.
  • Beowulf
  • The female persona in Old English poetry
  • Any discussion (student-friendly) on any text


  • Thematic and stylistic differences between Old and Middle English literatures
  • Religion and satire
  • Beginning and development of drama
  • Literary impact of the Romances
  • Dream Motif in medieval poetry
  • Contribution of Chaucer, Langland and the Gawain-poet
  • Any discussion (student-friendly) on any text

Style Guide

  • Summary of the entire writing in 50-60 words.
  • Reference System: Latest MLA stylesheet to be followed.
  • Word-limit: 1500-2000 words. Include End-notes (not Footnotes) if at all necessary.
  • Short bio-note of not more than 60 words.


Send your contributions to the Guest-editor Dr. Santanu Ganguly at  and add a CC to

DEADLINE OF SUBMISSION: June 30, 2016. Tentative publication: October, 2016.

NO ARTICLE PROCESSING FEE: There is no article processing charge for publishing a critical piece.

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