Fragments of Culture: Some Artefacts from Dandabhukti

About the Place
The sample survey was conducted at two places of Dantan, Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal. This place is considered to have got its name from the capital of an ancient kingdom, Dandabhukti, which last for about 600 years from 6th to the 12 century AD. Naturally precious cultural artefacts of the past are scattered over a large area.
About the Documentation
The documentation was taken up as part of Certificate Course in Digital Humanities run by the Department of English, Bhatter College, Dantan. Through this sample survey students are initiated into the act of documenting and preserving their cultural heritage.

Artefacts at a place named Satdeulia (now known as Ektarpur)
Identification Bhairava
Dimension 43 x 41 x 24 centimeters
Material Slate
Period of production Unknown
Location of installation  Perhaps installed in a temple complex dedicated to the Saptamatrikas
Identification Unknown. Probably left unfinished by an artisan
Material Slate
Period of production Unknown
Location of installation  Probably from the workshop of an artisan

Artefact/s from Uttarraibarh

Statue of a Shaivacharya and his followers
Identification Some Shaivacharya and his follower
Dimensions Statue 1: From head to the waist: 151 centimeters; length of chest: 117 centimetersStatue 2: height: 54.5 centimeters: Length: 26.5 centimeters.
Material Black Stone
Period of production unknown
Location of installation Probably installed in a Shaiva Matha 

Students of 3rd Year Honours, Department of English, Bhatter College, Dantan, who participated in the documentation:


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