Editorial, Vol 1, No 1, 2015

We are happy to release the Inaugural Issue of The Golden Line. Few months back it was conceived as a collaborative platform involving teachers, researchers and students for creating a magazine on English literature, which would serve the needs of the students of English literature. We felt that students need both a magazine for access to better resources, particularly in India and a space for expressing their critical and creative talents and a network where students from various institutions can collaborate. We also wanted to open the windows to larger academic circle not just for students of our department, but also for students of other institutions. The online platform helped us to connect with contributors from various countries and from various levels, particularly from students from various colleges and universities. It is very encouraging to see that the contributors are very much talented and they may go long way if proper training and encouragement is provided and if the budding authors continue their passion of writing.

The focus of the issue, however, was “How to read English Literature” and we are very proud to have received valuable suggestions, ideas and clarifications from two great scholars: Prof. Shormishtha Panja and Prof. Promad K. Nayar. We are very grateful to them for managing time for long interviews with us.

We sought students-friendly critical articles from teachers and scholars from different parts of the world in the form of open online call. We were fortunate that many authors responded warmly to this and came forward with their valuable contributions. We hope to get more contributions from them in our future issues.

The Department of English, Bhatter College, Dantan has started a Certificate Course in Digital Humanities on experimental basis for empowering the students with new technological skills in studying literature and arts. Apart from their involvement in the making of this magazine, they were assigned with documenting some cultural artefacts at Dantan and they learnt few things outside the classroom in delightful mornings of the countryside.

The teachers of the department from the very start were much excited about this publishing project and they spent long time with the construction of the site and editing works. At the time of designing the site we faced a problem of a proper picture of a river in true artistic sense. Edith Spira, the visual artist from Vienna, allowed us to use one of her paintings on the site and on the cover page of the issue. We convey our sincere thanks to her.

We sought help from the Alumni Association of Bhatter College, Dantan and they also extended their hand of help just in time.

We are thankful to the members of the dynamic Governing Body of our college for all their encouragement for innovations in teaching-learning. Special thanks to our Chief Patron, Sri Bikram Chandra Pradhan, President of the Governing Body for his active involvement in our departmental activities, and to Dr. Pabitra Kumar Mishra, Principal of our college for his constant support and encouragement.

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