A Poem by Sanchita Das

The Golden Line
Sanchita Das

Feeling bored to the daily routine,
One evening I went to the Golden Line.
Coming from Jharkhand
It flows sweetly through the forests on the sand.
The sun was setting in the West
The scene was nothing but the gloomiest.
I waited sometime as I was not pleased.
Gradually by the time, the night was seized.

O, what a beautiful sight,
The moon in the sky that night.
Suddenly, I found the river glowing
As if there was silver shining.
So the very name seemed not correct,
As it looks different in moonlight direct.
If it would be the Silver Line,
Would not give it more shine?
I came back home with a heart
Full of ecstasy for the moon’s art.

Sanchita Das is a student of B.A 3rd Year English Honours, Department of English, Bhatter College, Dantan.

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