A Poem by Abhishek Roy

Rain Rain

Twinkle on the grass
A frog jumps out of the dull cold pot-hole.
All day it rains,
Yet the frog is not thirsty,
A hungry snake stares at it,
But it is in no mood to chase it down.
Silently it crawls beneath a big stone.
A boy is watching all these things,
But he has no need to watch,
Rain and rain he murmurs.
Tickling in the watch yet the time does not pass,
He only passes time.
What happened to the frog
He does not know.
What happens to him
He does not want to know.
Rain and rain again and again.
His vision fades,
Yet he lives for what he forgets.

Abhishek Roy did M.A.(English) from the Vidyasagar University.

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